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Tinder dating App is one of the most famous online dating apps at the moment, Tinder can find singles based only on your profile and location.

Tinder, The perfect dating solution:

Tinder daying site is perfect for casual meetings. Note however that the app however does not lead to often serious relationships, but you can make new friends through Tinder anywhere you go and meet interesting people through the dating site.

Tinder is a dating site that works with a smartphone application. But this application is free, you just need to download it to your phone to enter the world of Tinder.

From there, you will see users scroll through pictures on your mobile phone and you will have three options:

Send hearts, or switch to another person or try to have more information about it. The information on the person concerned are quite basic and far from comprehensive. On Tinder users can share only very little information about themselves, which may explain the success of the app for being more discreet.

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Tinder dating app, a success between young people:

The information requested on most dating sites are often very large, but this is not necessarily through this information that you will meet your soulmate. There are no rules for love, what counts is to feel comfortable with the person, whether you have different tastes.

Using tinder dating site is really simple and straight to the point, the photos you allow the app to show and the short description about your self is the only thing that the other users will be able to see, along with your first name.

For example, you will find the name of the person whom you see the pictures on Tinder, age, interests you have in common, and the distance between you two, and especially if it is connected .

Tinder, a new way to meet people

Tinder is available only on mobile. Therefore, you will meet people who are around you if the attraction is mutual. You will see indeed in the profiles if the user is around you or not. This can be very convenient and more romantic than we think. Indeed, the Mobile phone today is an important source intimacy in our lives.

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Use Tinder with Facebook:

They say to our friends our hot heart, low and high our moods and our life in general, there also our photos, we will be proud or a little less. On Tinder, in that users communicate using their phone, the discussions can be more intimate and romantic.

Tinder plays the card of innovation by allowing users to move with the times through their mobile phone which is a new way of being romantic. Let’s be young!

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Tinder: Application for socializing?

Tinder’s first goal is to allow people who like to meet each other, to then consider intimate encounter. Indeed, the principle is simple: if the person you sent a conversely heart does for you, then you will have what is called a match.

tinder discussions will allow you to exchange conversations with that person and, perhaps, go further by meeting you in real life, for example by going for a coffee together. However, and This increasingly, some people register on Tinder in order to discuss with people.

This is, for them, or them, a kind of game in which it is more interesting to laugh talking with person behind the phone by speaking to him a drink. Therefore, it is not all the time easy whether the person with whom you had a match, joking or serious. You will need, as in real life, know how to distinguish those who are worth it to those who are just for you to waste your time.

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Tinder dating site Features:

Tinder is an Android application for meeting with a friendly interface that allows users to quickly become familiar.

Key Features
Tinder can enroll quickly in the list of users and to design a profile. That of Facebook can be used to connect to the application. The profile can be enriched by adding more information or more photos.

This application allows you to set the access mode of visitors on the user profile. This application provides the ability to see information about individuals close geographically. It locates the place where the user is located, and suggests people nearby to contact. It also allows you to view the images in the profile of other users.

Tinder allows for communication between two users. It distributes from a list of people connected to the application. Just choose the communication mode used notably via text or video call message. The discussion is taking place when the speaker agrees to receive the call.

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How To Use Tinder dating site and App:

Its principle is ultra-simple. The user downloads the application and creates a profile for free (in necessarily using his Facebook account). It consists of a six photos, possibly of a small text – often the space remains empty -, interests and relationships in common. On the smartphone screen, a relentless parade starts: these are the connected persons (or were recently) nearby. I drag the photo to the right: I like (but the person is not informed). On the left, I do not like, and I’ll never see this profile. If those I love love me too, “it’s a game! “.

Tinder, the location-based dating app, dusts off the world of dating applications.

The principle is as simple as fun: the user logs in with their Facebook ID. The application accesses and a series of personal information: age, location, photos and all references to “Like” of the user.

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Swipe right, swipe left; there will always be something:

On the basis of these data and due to its GPS system, Tinder then suggests a series of profiles nearby and list the interests and mutual friends of users. The thumb does the rest. Indeed, simply swipe clockwise a deemed interesting profile or otherwise, to the left.

If the interest is mutual, and only in this case to preserve the history egos, a chat window opens and allows two users to engage in conversation. With over 3.5 million “matches” (put in relationship) and 350 million “swipes” registered every day, the start-up headed by IAC / Interactive Corp., also owns Match.com and Meetic, knows increasingly popular with 18-25 year olds.

Tinder dating app has the best male / female compared to other dating services:

Tinder is also distinguished by a relative parity among registered. “We’re very lucky, we have 45% girls and 55% Men. There is no app in the same style that has such female audience percentages

How to use Tinder App on Your Phone:

Tinder is a free dating app 100% mobile only available on Android and iPhone.

The principle? With geolocation, Tinder offers user profiles. Some pictures to decide if you are interested profile displayed a slide to the right if the answer is yes, and the conversation starts if the other also demonstrates its attraction.

Best known and renowned for making quick games without commitment, it popularized the “swip” of a finger. You do not you like? Drag. In large cities, it is also used to meet new people, but there is always this idea in mind of “and maybe more.”

It offers you to test your popularity and socializing. Extremely shallow, this app can help you the most beautiful girl cop (or the most handsome guy). But not specifically the / smartest (e). She quickly boring.

First of all, the one who had phenomenal success. Tinder is a very simple app, which already has a user crowd. It’s up to you to sort out the possible candidates. How? By dragging each photo that appears to the right or left, depending on your interest.

To start using Tinder, simply register with a Facebook account and set the maximum geographical radius. Once you have established perimeter, choose the age range of people that you want to scroll.

Tinder also offers a small space to describe in a few words. Profile photos, they may only be imported from your Facebook account: Can not add directly from the phone’s camera.